Changes to This Years Luminaire Service

This Years Luminaire Service is Changing

The date for this year's service is December 7th.

Each year Lawnwood has tried to make the Annual Lighting of the Luminaire service as problem free and memorable as possible.  However, each year we find that logistically the way we do things could be improved upon.  The biggest issue has always been where to put all of the cars and how to keep people from being used as speed bumps when everything gets dark and crowded.  This year we have decided to make the following changes to this event in an effort to make it more enjoyable for the families involved:


  • This year we will begin handing out candles at noon.  This will allow families the opportunity to get their candles and place them on their loved ones graves without fighting the large crowd that normally comes in during the evening.  Our staff will then light all of the candles that have been placed throughout the day beginning around 5:30pm.
  • We will have one central candle distribution spot. All candles will be handed out from the front of the mausoleum.  Families will then need to take their candles to their loved ones graves and light the candles. CANDLES WILL NOT BE LIT WHEN HANDED OUT. Bring your own fireplace or grill lighter if you come after the staff has begun lighting the candles in the sections.
  • We are encouraging families to come spend time at their loved ones graves throughout the day and place candles at that time.  We are then encouraging families to leave and drive back through once all of the candles have been lit by our staff.
  • The true beauty of this event is the dazzling light that flickers from all of the luminaires after they are lit.  For this reason we are asking that families merely drive through once the candles have been lit so that they can see the beauty and then continue on.  This will prevent us from having pedestrians on the cemetery roads during the darkest part of the night.
  • Candles will be given out on a first-come first-served basis.  When we have run out of candles we are out.  Again, all candles will be lit beginning at 5:30.
  • We are encouraging all families to come during the daytime to place their candles.  Lawnwood WILL NOT be providing additional lighting for this years event.
  • Lawnwood WILL NOT be providing additional traffic control. Come during the day, sometime after noon, to receive and place your candles, and then drive back through once all of the candles have been lit.
  • Come early.  Place your candles.  Reflect on the memories of your loved one and then trust our staff to light their candle later in the day.  Then ride through and enjoy the beauty from the warmth and safety of your car.
  • All candles are 10 hour candles.  If you choose to light your candles when they are placed earlier in the day, please remember that they may burn out before the evening is over because we cannot guarantee the burn times of the candles.  Place your candles early and allow us to light them around 5:30.
  • We will be keeping and reusing the plastic luminaire cups so please try to keep them undamaged throughout the event.
  • Please pass these changes on to your friends and family and plan to COME EARLY to place your candles and then DRIVE THRU once they have been lit later in the evening.
We hope that this new system will fix any logistical and safety issues that we may have had over the years and will keep the event a meaningful event for you and your family.
Thank you in advance for helping us with this.


Billy Crawford, General Manager


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